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Circular professional textiles, a practical guide

OVAM gave Centexbel, the Belgian textile research center, the assignment to map the 'hidden' flows of professional textiles. Based on the results of this research, a guideline was developed. This guideline wants to inspire and encourage producers, suppliers and users of professional textile to give the circular idea a boost! You can find a summary of the research (the detailed research report is only available in Dutch).

Why focus on professional textile?

For professional textiles, material flows/compositions are known and can be used to generate interesting raw materials after processing. Contrary to consumer-dependent (fashion) apparel, protective clothing, is still developed and/or manufactured in Europe. It is an economically important domain, in which multiple Flemish manufacturers play a prominent role. The significant involvement of the owners/final users (the company, the laundry, the linen hiring companies, public authorities, etc.) in the design of work clothes and protective clothing is an opportunity to develop new circular/sustainable professional textiles. 

Sustainable fashion
For fashion we work closely with Flanders DC and we offer the Close The Loop web tool. Curious about the highlights of the Copenhagen Fashion Summit this year?

Fashionflow Ecolizer

Close The Loop guides designers, producers, retailers and consumers through principles to take into account the whole lifecycle of a garment. Hundreds of strong cases prove a lot is going on already.


You also think of Antwerp when speaking about fashion? Well, even they continue to not dwell.

Stadslab2050 launched Fashion Flow to boost sustainable and innovative projects.


The Ecolizer is an ecodesign tool and caters to all designers and companies who want to know and lower the environmental impact of their products.

The environmental impact is calculated on the basis of eco-indicators. Also for textiles this tool can be used.