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Define the environmental impact of your product and make a difference!

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www.ecolizer.be offers free consult from the Ecolizer and calculation of the environmental impact of your product.


The Ecolizer is an ecodesign tool and caters to all designers and companies who want to know and lower the environmental impact of their products.

The Ecolizer calculates quickly and easily the environmental impact of your product. You can calculate the overall environmental impact, but also the impact of each phase in the life cycle of a product so you can tackle a life cycle phase with a high environmental impact. In addition to the analysis of a product, you can also compare the scores of products with each other.




Ecodesigntool for designers

OVAM had this tool developed to make ecodesign more accessible for designers. The Ecolizer is a simple but reliable source to base decisions on and to integrate ecodesign into the design process in a user-friendly manner.


Calculation of the environmental impact

The environmental impact is calculated on the basis of eco-indicators. The indicators summarise the environmental impact of materials and processes in one figure. All indicators were updated in August 2014. So you can now count with the most current indicators.

The calculation of the eco-indicator was done according to the ReCiPe method. For more information about the ReCiPe method, please visit www.pre-sustainability.com/recipe.


Scientifically based

The Ecolizer is a scientifically based tool that can contribute to increasing the environmentally sound nature of the design/product. In this way, OVAM hopes to provide a dynamic and current instrument that inspires national and international designers and companies to innovative and environmentally sound products. 

The data in the Ecolizer are based on international ecoinvent database. For more information on the ecoinvent database, please visit www.ecoinvent.org,

VITO  performed the calculations using the software SimaPro. The calculation was done according to the so-called ReCiPe method. The ReCiPe method defines 19 environmental impact categories that are related to one accessible score.


Get to work!

Go to www.ecolizer.be and start calculating. 


Ecolizer booklet


Does the Ecolizer sounds familiar? 

Since 2006 OVAM distributed an Ecolizer booklet to determine the environmental impact.

This version of the Ecolizer is not more spread and is completely replaced by the online Ecolizer that does all the calculations, is extended with useful analyzes and always works with the latest version of eco-indicators.


More information or questions?

We will be happy to hear about your experiences with the Ecolizer, questions or remarks via our contact form or via ecodesign@ovam.be